Dental Courses – What to Look For in a Dental Course

Dentistry as a field of medicine has always been in great demand. Surveys conducted across the country indicate that the ratio of dentists is gradually decreasing in comparison to other medical practitioners. With the advancement of different branches of dentistry including cosmetic treatments and advanced oral pathology, there is an overwhelming demand for reputed dentists and other dental jobs.

There is a wide assortment of dental courses to choose from with the choices broadening as a student passes onto advanced curriculums. Your opportunities depend on how early you start. Unlike other branches of medicine dentistry provides you with distinguished career options and choices having significant application in different sectors of today’s medical industry. There are dental courses for both graduates and undergraduates. However, an undergraduate dental course does not permit you to function as a licensed dental practitioner.

But it provides with a wide range of career choices like dental hygiene faculty, dental consultant or dental insurance agent. The program is a bachelor degree, BS in Dental Hygiene (Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene). The duration varies from 3 to 5 years depending on the university rules and internship and training programs. The job of a dental hygienist has applications in many fields including research and further specialization in different healthcare professions. This bachelor degree is a good choice if you wish to pursue clinical dental education or a doctorate in future.

In order to apply for DMD (Doctor of Medical Dentistry) or DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) one must hold a bachelor’s degree with competitive GPA scores. The admission is further based on a Dental Admission Test or a Dental Aptitude Test, commonly referred as DAT. The DAT scores in combination with the direct assessment of candidates through a personal interview determine the selection process. Thousands of students apply for this course in various universities across the country and every year the selection procedures are becoming more and more competitive. DMD is a full time degree that spans for a period of four years and the candidate is awarded with a tile of Doctor of Dental Medicine.

Another alternative for DMD or DDS is a degree of BDent or Bachelor of Dentistry. The course has been widespread in recent times and its curriculum is far similar to DMD. This is also a 4-year course that allows the candidate to take up general dental practice.

The basic doctorate courses can be furthered with suitable dental specialties like Orthodontistry, oral surgery, Endodontistry, Periodontistry, or Pedodontistry. Pedodontistry deals with dental care of children and the specialists in this field are highly in demand. Similar is the case with Orthodontists. With the increasing level of awareness and consciousness about dental cosmetics and advanced options available in this field, the scope of cosmetic dentistry has become invaluable.

The Main Dental Solutions for Damaged and Missing Teeth

Despite the available modern methods for oral care, many people have severely damaged or missing teeth. The causes are many with the major ones being stress, diseases and accidents. Thanks to the advancement of dental medicine, the serious problems can be fixed. In fact, there are different solutions available. Learn more about the main ones.


The dental veneers are shells which go on the teeth and give them the desired shape, texture and look. They are widely used for filling gaps, for straightening uneven tooth alignment and for protecting worn-out enamel. They are also used for repairing cracked, chipped and discoloured teeth.

The veneers are made from porcelain and this gives them a bright white surface, which will give you a gorgeous smile in turn. They have to be placed very carefully so that they do not recede from the gum line. They have to bond excellently to the teeth so that shifting is prevented. They typically have a useful life of 10 years.


These have been around for quite some time and are still among the main solutions offered by cosmetic dentistry. The crowns are caps which are placed above the remaining healthy parts of severely damaged teeth. In order for a crown to be used, the tooth must have a healthy root and a top part which can hold the crown. The all-ceramic crowns are considered to be the best as they combine strength with great looks. With proper care, they are extremely long lasting.


The bridges used to be the main solution for missing teeth. A bridge is a prosthesis which looks exactly the same as a real tooth. It is set in place of the missing tooth and is attached to the neighbouring teeth. It forms a bridge and this is where its name comes from. The modern technologies used give bridges natural appearance as well as strength. The main issue with them is that the neighbouring teeth have to be filed and this may make them more vulnerable to bacterial activity.

Dental Implants

These are the latest solutions for restoring missing teeth provided by cosmetic dentistry. The implant has a top part which has the shape and feel of a real tooth and a titanium “root” which is inserted into the bone pocket. The titanium base bonds with the jaw bone pocket and prevents bone loss, which can lead to serious health problems. The implant often works better than the original tooth. It can last for many years.

You should consider all of these solutions with the expert aid of a cosmetic dentist.

Covering Up Your Cosmetic Dental Imperfections With Professional Help

Our teeth are something that can change quite a lot as we grow up, and sometimes it’s not for the better. In some cases your teeth may start developing problems as you clock year after year, and those problems might become quite noticeable at some point, potentially affecting your self-perception and your confidence. It’s important that you take care of those issues as soon as they arise and don’t let them bother you forever – and there’s definitely a lot you can do to return your smile to its original appearance nowadays.

With the help of a good dentist specializing in cosmetic services, you too can enjoy a great smile like so many other people out there, and you may not even have to spend a lot of money to get to that state! Of course, this depends on the specific condition that you have, as in some cases you’ll actually have to dig a bit deep into your pockets for the appropriate procedure, but considering this is a one-time thing, it’s a good investment into your future.

There are different solutions for the different types of problems your teeth might have. If you’ve got a chipped tooth and you’d like to restore it to its original state, this is different than restoring an entire lost tooth, for example. Both are possible, they just require different approaches. Similarly, if your problem spans over a larger part of your mouth, you may need a more specialized treatment method in order to resolve it efficiently.

We mentioned that this is a procedure which you’ll hopefully only have to do once, so it’s okay if you have to pay more for it. However, this also brings another detail into the mix – it’s very important to ensure that you’re trusting a good specialist, because a dentist who doesn’t understand their job well enough can cause more harm than good. And when it comes to a cosmetic problem, you don’t want to be stuck with that for the rest of your life!

And finding a good dentist who offers cosmetic services is not that difficult in general. You just have to spend a little time browsing around the Internet, and you’ll see that there are plenty of specialists working in this field ready to help you. Cosmetic dentistry is a popular field of dental medicine, so you shouldn’t have to look too long before you’ve found a few good specialists. From then on, it’s only a matter of looking up reviews from patients about them, in order to see what their services are really like, and scheduling an appointment.

Remember that you’ll probably need to change your eating habits to some extent after you’ve gone through your cosmetic procedure. You’ll need to be more careful to avoid damaging your new cosmetic teeth, and sometimes you may need to even avoid certain types of foods completely for a given period of time. But after you’ve healed up properly, you’ll be free to enjoy all your favorite foods as much as you want!