What Dental Procedures Are Available?

Cosmetic dental procedures have grown in popularity in recent years. Caused by an ever-increasingly disposable income, a visit to the dentist – once deigned a six-monthly rigmarole – has become positively de rigeur.

Whereas you once went to the dentist for a check-up and polish, patients are now ever more electing to have dental treatments performed to whiten their teeth, straighten their smile or have cosmetic veneers fitted in a complete oral overhaul.

Discoloured teeth, uneven gum lines and broken or chipped crowns can easily be fixed with modern dentistry.

In recent times dental treatments have moved on significantly, with many previously NHS dental practices turning to private ownership; allowing patients who convert to seek top-of-the-range treatments and dental care that goes above and beyond simple preventative dentistry.

Preventative measures are still encouraged however, particularly in private dental practices where you could be seen by a hygienist who would attend to your oral cleanliness, rather than your dentist.

In particular, special onus has been placed on the importance of dental hygiene such as interdental flossing, tongue cleaning, and changing your toothbrush regularly. Use of a good toothpaste that works to fight the cause of decay and gum disease is often cited as a step in the right direction towards improved oral health.

There are a number of more advanced options available for those who seek to improve their smile. If you have crooked or missing teeth, then prosthodontics could be an option for you. This specialty focuses on crowns, bridges and bite alignments. Your prosthodontist will be highly skilled and will consult heavily with your dentist to guarantee that any undertaking is planned and executed with the necessary precision to enhance your smile.

Periodontics is the area of dental medicine that deals with the health of your gums. It focuses on the health of connective tissue that surround your teeth, including gums, jaw bone, and ligaments that attach your teeth to the bone. Periodontics has gained ground in popularity in recent years, as fresh research highlights the importance of gum disease in relation to heart disease.

The rise of celebrity culture too has elevated the appeal of the perfect smile, with many people viewing dental whitening or bleaching as the most accessible option for converting dental discolouration into a gleaming set of pearly whites. Dental whitening is performed typically using a halogen lamp and/or a bleaching gel, which strips teeth of their discolouration and can bring up a gleaming smile up to ten shades lighter. With many modern dental clinics offering procedures such as zoom whitening, it’s an easy way to instantly improve the quality of your smile.